Griselinia littoralis hedging plants in Cornwall, the South and the South West.

Griselinia "R" Us

Griselinia hedging plants propagated and grown and in Cornwall. Sold in Cornwall and the South West of England. We are one of the few licensed growers of Griselinia Green Horizon in Cornwall.

Griselinia R Us Cornwall

Our prices start at £1.50 for a 30cm tall plant in a 9cm pot.

The Plants

Griselinia Littoralis – Standard: an evergreen hedge with apple green leaves. They’re perfect for coastal environments as they’re able to withstand severe winds, salt spray and below freezing temperatures. Requires little maintenance once planted and its glossy green leaves give you dense cover all year round. Will grow to whatever height you prefer.

Griselinia Littoralis – Variegated: an attractive green and white leaf, with all the attributes of the standard Griselinia Littoralis.

Griselinia Green Horizon: dark green glossy leaves, faster growing than the standard Griselinia Littoralis or variegated variety. However in all other aspects they share the same attributes.

Prices start at £1.50 for a 30cm tall plant in a 9cm pot.

For more detailed information on available sizes and prices, please contact.

Officially licensed to grow

Griselinia Green Horizon

Officially licensed to grow Griselinia Green Horizon

Where we are based

Redruth, Cornwall

Our nursery is situated in the Redruth area of Cornwall, just 1.5 miles off the A30. It is where we grow and house all of our plants. Our selection of plants are available to view and purchase during the day 7 days a week.

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A few handy griselinia tips

1 every 40 cm if they are larger plants (in 10+ litre pots.)
1 every 30 cm if in smaller than 10 litre + pots.

Griselinia are hardy plants and can be planted all year round.

Every day when first planted, unless it has rained. This is reduced when the plants are established to weather dependant, ie a hot summer.

You can feed the plants any garden fertiliser. The hedges need feeding each spring, particularly if they are exposed to the cornish weather.

Our Cornwall location